Should I Repair or Replace My Commercial Garage Doors?

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As a business owner, you know that ensuring your property is in good working order is essential for keeping your employees, assets and operations safe and secure. Your garage and overhead doors are a key part of your safety and security measures.

When your commercial garage doors begin to break down or exhibit wear and tear, they become a liability for your business. Here’s how to tell when it’s time to repair or replace your garage doors:

1. Garage doors don’t open and close properly

When your overhead doors are in good condition, you should not experience any issues with opening and closing. The doors should open and close smoothly, without any noise. However, if you start to notice them rattling or shaking upon opening and closing, or they come to a sudden halt, it may be time to repair or replace them.

There are typically two main reasons why garage doors stop opening and closing properly: the tracks may need to be lubricated or the motor may be broken. Excessive vibration could require a full garage door replacement. Ask your overhead door maintenance professional to troubleshoot these two issues before ordering a replacement.

2. Garage doors are slow to respond

It may seem harmless, but a garage door that responds too slowly could be a serious hazard to you and your employees. At a push of a button your garage door should respond within seconds and, if it doesn’t, it could cause an accident. Most garage doors become slow to respond because of motor issues. The repair could be as simple as replacing the batteries, but it’s also possible that the sensor could be broken.

3. Garage doors are no longer secure

Your overhead doors are essential for protecting your property. Whether you own a warehouse stocked with goods, a car repair business and high-value car parts, or anything in between, keeping your valuables protected against break-ins is non-negotiable.

If your garage doors are no longer providing the security your business needs, it may be time to replace them. Even seemingly small damage like dents or chips could make your business more vulnerable to theft.

4. Garage doors are old and worn

As a business owner, you want to make a quality impression. If your garage doors are old, worn, or unattractive, you may be discouraging people from purchasing products or services from you.

Your curb appeal communicates a lot about your business and if your garage doors are old, you  may inadvertently telling people that you don’t take pride in your work. Replacing your garage doors can help to elevate the appearance of your property  and provide your business with a range of new, modern security features.

From regular maintenance to the newest technological upgrades, contact Haws Overhead Doors for all of your commercial garage door needs.

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  • Lily Bridgers

    Greetings, my father has been growing his company and has chosen to construct a warehouse to store supplies and machinery. The current garage door, he has discovered, is too narrow and antiquated to handle the larger cars and equipment he needs to fit within. Now that his firm is expanding, he is eager to acquire a commercial garage door that will match the demands of his expanding enterprise and be roomy, effective, and durable under heavy usage. I ought to inform him that creating a good first impression is important for business owners. I wholeheartedly concur that you can deter customers from using your goods or services if your garage doors are outdated, shabby, or ugly.

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