Looking to install a new garage door opener or replace an old one?

At Wm. Haws Overhead Garage Doors, we carry a wide range of garage door openers to fit your home or business and your needs. Our garage door openers have a number of standard and optional features including keypads, extra transmitters, open door monitors and work-lights.

Recommended Garage Door Openers

84505R Chamberlain Liftmaster Operator


98022 Chamberlain Liftmaster Operator


Garage door openers offer easy use and convenience to homeowners and business owners alike. But before you rush out and buy a garage door opener, there are lots of things to take into consideration when choosing a garage door opener, like:

  • Whether your garage is near a bedroom, requiring quiet operation
  • If your garage is usually exposed to sudden starts and stops, consider soft start and stop features
  • Safety and convenience of a motion detector
  • Separate openers for garages with more than one door
  • A rail that fits your garage’s height
  • Horsepower required for your garage door’s size (⅓ for lightweight, ½ for most standard doors and ¾ for heavier doors)

If you’re ready to make your life easier with a garage door opener, contact Wm. Haws Overhead Garage Doors today!