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At Haws, we understand that while you’re away on vacation or at work, day-to-day activities don’t necessarily stop, and that includes package deliveries. While in the past you may have had to rely on your neighbours or a house sitter to ensure that your packages are delivered safely, Amazon Key is making it easier to ensure that your packages are safe and your home’s security isn’t compromised.

What is Amazon Key for Garage?

Amazon Key for Garage lets Amazon’s delivery person open your garage door when you’re not home and leave your packages in your garage. It works with all Amazon Prime deliveries.

Is my home safe?

Giving Amazon access to your garage may not be appealing to some homeowners at first, but Amazon Key for Garage comes with a number of safety features to ensure that your home’s safety isn’t compromised.

Amazon Key for Garage can be paired with a camera system to monitor your garage door. You can also sign up to receive notifications when a package has been delivered, and you can monitor and control your deliveries every step of the way with an app on your smartphone.

If you allocate a particular area in your garage where you’d like the packages to be placed and your delivery person will place the package appropriately. The delivery person will also have been instructed not to put packages in the path of car traffic, so you won’t have to worry about driving over your deliveries when you get home.

Which garage door openers does Amazon Key for Garage pair with?

Amazon Key for Garage works with most garage door openers. It works best with Chamberlain or LiftMaster MyQ garage door openers, as they already have built-in WiFi capabilities. However, there are also different brands of hubs available for purchase that can pair with your existing garage door opener.

When can I purchase Amazon Key for Garage?

Amazon Key for Garage can be purchased on the Amazon website and easily pairs with our Liftmaster or Chamberlain operators. It will be available this year.

Contact us to find out if it is available and to purchase Amazon Key for Garage so that you have peace of mind when you’re away from home.

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